SouthEast Companion Animal Rescue & Education Services, Inc

About Us

 SouthEast Companion Animal Rescue & Education Services, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in South Florida.  

Our goal is simple:  help animals.


There is no shortage of animal welfare causes:  stopping dog fighting or puppy mills, lobbying for animal rights, spay and neuter advocacy and hands on rescue work.  While each and every cause is a worthwhile one, it would be impossible for any one individual or organization to work towards all of them.  What we can do is work together. Cooperation, collaboration and community are the keys to success for all our causes.  No one has to fail in order for another to succeed.  When animal welfare organizations work together, the animals always  benefit.

SouthEast CARES has been working under that philosophy since 2008.  With the focus of hands on care, our rescue homes work with a variety of animal species.  Dogs, cats, chinchillas and rats are just a few of the animals that have found refuge with us.  Whether their needs are temporary or permanent, the rescue homes of SouthEast CARES are committed to providing them with the love and care they need.  We believe that education is a crucial part in rescue work.  Unless we can teach people how to be responsible and caring pet owners, animals will continue to be neglected and mistreated.  We must find ways to motivate all humans to be humane…to value the life of all animals.  Until that mission is accomplished, the stories of abandoned and abused animals will continue to haunt us.



Kaley’s Place
Located in the DFW Metroplex in Texas, we offer rescue and sanctuary to Manx cats and kittens born with Manx Syndrome (a genetic issue causing a range of spinal defects).  Symptoms normally appear between birth and 4 months of age, and affected kittens may require a lifetime of specialized care. Non-adoptable cats receive that care, along with all the love their deserve, with the Kaley’s Place volunteers.  Those that are suited for adoption spend their time in foster care.. Every effort is made to see that they find happy and healthy homes where they can live out the rest of their lives.  We will provide rescue to non- Manx cats as space permits. We direct our focus to cats/kittens on the euthanasia list at local shelters in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.    Visit our website.
Save Me Pet Rescue 
Save Me Pet Rescue believes every pet is special and deserves a family to call its own.  Our goal is to help them find that perfect family.  From the tiniest hamsters to the sweetest cats, we give them the love and care they need on their journey home.  We are located in Chipley, Florida and invite you to visit our website.
SouthEast Sugar Gliders Rescue and Sanctuary
In 2004, 2 sugar gliders came to live with us.  There was no plan to begin rescue work, and certainly no plan for becoming a non-profit organization.  There was simply a desire to provide a safe place full of love and care for those 2 gliders.  And so it began.  Located in South Florida, SouthEast Sugar Gliders Rescue and Sanctuary now provides lifelong care to a variety of small animals:  rats, chinchillas and, of course, sugar gliders.  We no longer adopt animals out, and only take in  small animals which have medical or behavioral issues, or are elderly and simply need a safe place to live out their twilight years.